Thank you for viewing my services page. All of these services are tailored for your specific requirements, so there are no limits to what we can discuss in each category.

Email to purchase.

The following services are for long-term projects. You can email me with your questions, and I will return detailed, personal responses. I look forward helping you take the next step on your journey.

$180 for one month of personal coaching (up to 20 detailed, personal emails).

Permaculture Garden Coaching:
Learn how to develop your own permaculture garden with tailored advice.

Healthy Mind Positivity Coaching:
Learn why you no longer feel a zest for life, how to overcome obstacles in your life, how to feel at peace in the face of suffering, how to accept the unacceptable, and much more. I will help you see how to make better decisions through a peaceful mindset.

Healthy Diet Coaching:
Learn how to transition onto a healthier diet and what to expect along the way. Discover what common foods harm your body, and what is straight-up dangerous. Learn about what foods you can eat until you burst, and how to stick at it.

These services are for one-off projects. You can email me to discuss your concerns and I will help you to resolve the issue.

Permaculture Design Consultation:
Discuss your garden plans and discover how to get as much as possible from your space. $190 to help you create your garden design.

Film Editing Service:
I have top-grade qualifications in Film and Media, but my strengths really come from a life-long passion for editing. This is one of my greatest joys in life and I can’t wait to hear from you regarding your editing project. $190 per video (up to 15 minutes) Please contact me for a quotation

Graphic Design

Check out to see my previous work and pricing


One thought on “Services

  1. I know me and others would love an update. How are you doing? I miss you. I feel like I have lost a friend. Maybe you could even email me? Gosh, I would live that. I just really hope everything is well. I love all your videos. Your garden, cooking, and life…. Just speaks to me! I can be having a bad day, and I watch your videos. Makes me feel better because you are such a strong person. 🙂

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